How to Locate Sellers – Skip Tracing

My direct mail has been on auto-pilot since I began outsourcing it several months ago. I sent first class postcards for the first mailer in order to keep the cost as low as possible because I knew that I would have a bunch of “return to senders”. And I used first class postage because I wanted to get the bad addresses back so I could remove or research them before sending out future mailings. All subsequent mailings will take advantage of the standard class mail rates.

Altered due to rules violation

Very interesting blog you had there… I was reminded last week of a very simple and effective way to get a forwarding address. .

Very simple to put:

John Q public
12345 Anystreet
Your Town, USA 12345


This will come back to you with the new address if they have moved in last 13 months…

Interesting, is there a special spot you have to mark the address location request, or can it go anywhere?