How to keep home secure while rehabbing and finding tenant??

I am purchasing a home in the Dallas area that needs cosmetics…about one week of work. The concern is of people breaking in and stealing stuff. The home has been vacant for about a year and someone is sleeping there. On closing day this week there was minor vandalism (stolen hardware, brorken window). I am renogiating with the seller (bank) to reduce the price b/c the condition changed since time of contract.

Any thoughts on what to do? Thought about bright lights, new locks, getting the worker to sleep there and guard it, etc.

This neighborhood really is not that bad but there are definetely concerns here. Thanks.

Mow the grass and pickup any trash. Put up miniblinds on all windows so no-one can see in. Leave a different light on each night and leave a radio playing loudly. Put up an alarm sign by both the front and back doors. DON’T LEAVE TOOLS OR EXCESS SUPPLIES AT THE HOUSE. You can also buy a wireless alarm system for about $120-$150 that can be easily moved moved from job to job. You might also ask the neighbors to keep an eye on the house for you.

Good Luck,