How to invest with no money and ok credit

I am in a bind. I want to buy an investment property on a short sale because the opportunity is great but our credit scores range from high 500’s -low 600’s. Job on one is not consistent and only on it 8 months. My broker is not very enthusiastic about getting us approved because it is going to be alot of work and we still might not get it. Oh, we have 2 debts in cccs. Can we be helped to get a loan and then by whom? Should I give up hope? Please give me details. I’m in Texas. thanks

You need to contact a hard money lender.

Hard money lender or wholesale your shortsales. You should be focusing on quick turning properties to build capital with your credit situation. Either that or just focus on getting the deed, and taking properties “subject to”.

how do you wholesale short sales. Wouldnt you need to be pre-approved for a loan? My credit isnt all that great.

Whats a hard money lender??? Any names, contacts?

Try going to the Financing, Hard Money Forum and post your parameters.

Traditional lenders are credit score and asset driven.

HML’s base their funding on the project, not the credit. Of course, you pay higher rates and points. The Loan to values are low with HML’s