How to improve credit score?

“The most important thing you can do to improve your score, is to pay your bills on time! About 35% of the score is made up of how prompt you are in paying your monthly bills, with recent payments taking up more weight than past history.”

only 35%? paying bills on time is the #1 factor right? so shouldn’t it be like 65-70%??

are you asking “how to improve credit score?” or “what should be the best rate” or what?

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I am very interested in the package. I am starting to pay more attention to my credit scores now. 3 weeks ago, my score was in the mid 750s and while processing my mortgage, it dropped to upper to mid 740s which I find disturbing.

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There are a thousand credit repair agencies and also legal specialists slash law firms out there that offer quickies. In short, what they do is challenge all your derogs, (charge offs, collections, P&Ls). The creditor has a certain amount of time to validate the challenge by providing proof of the bill. The very delinquent and aging ones are likely in the bowels of collection agencies and they in turn are the ones who have to validate the request via the original crditor. It really is a lot of red tape. Approximatley half to three quarters of them end up expiring the statute of validation, thereby automatically dropping off your report. The ones that DO validate the challenge, the specialist negotiatees settlements at down to 20 to 30% in many cases in exchange for a zero balance letter. Caution: Liens, judgements and bankruptices are an exception. Liens and judgemets may also be negotiated but usually settle at 50 -80%. Bankruptcies must be discharged before your credit score can climb. Usually these specialists charge anywhere from $400 - $2000.00, sometimes more. Beware the fly by nighters. If you want, I know of one that I use all the time for my clients and hes a literal magician with zero complaints and a lengthy list of delighted clients and he charges right around $1000.00 with a 90 day turnaround in many cases, less. Good luck!

You don’t need to pay any credit repair organizations. You can do it yourself.


This site/forums are all about credit - enormous information.

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