How to handle wholesale inspection period for buyers

It seems mostly what I’ve read is that when you’ve got a wholesale property under contract from a seller and you’re looking for a buyer, buyers generally have the option to look at the property using a lockbox?

Do most wholesalers use this to allow entry for a buyer to inspect the property? If this is the case how do I (the wholesaler), get the key from the seller? What if they are out of state? Also, someone might be living in the property…



I put a congency clause on my addeum to allow me to show the property to my partner and or future tenants. That way the seller can give you the key and permission to enter the property without them.
Hope that helps:)

That does help! Can you tell me specifically what clause/clauses you put in (the wording)? The ONLY contracts I currently have are the P&S and the Assignment contract. Do I need an addendum outside of my P&S??