How To Handle Virtual Wholesaling?

Since there are very few wholesale deals in my area, I’ve been trying to do wholesale deals virtually in other areas. Once I get the property under signed contract via the mail, I then market the property on-line and send prospective buyers to view the property. Generally the buyer tries to deal directly with the seller and I get cut out of the deal with nothing. How can I handle this virtually wholesaling?

If you have a signed contract with seller, your good usually, I have been screwed over a few times like that, both times by sweet old ladies, but 98% of the time your good to go.
And have your sellers print and sign your contract by email, unless they don’t have computers.
Don’t be in a big hurry to do other areas, I’m sure there are lower income neighborhoods near you or in a 30 minute drive.
Did a realtor tell you that no wholesales deals were there? Because they are most always wrong. I had one realtor tell me there were no more houses under 50K in my city, I said really, cuz I just did 5 in the last few months.

How would be a good way to print and sign the contract by email? I guess one could print, sign then scan back into computer and then email, but if one doesn’t have a scanner what would be a good way to do it by email?

I’ve had some print, scan and email it back to me, I’ve had some print and go to Kinko’s and email it back to me and I’ve done the snail mail thing.
Sometimes the sellers dont have scanners. We used to fax these things.

I got a deal going now that’s here in my town but seller lives 45 miles away, seller is an old guy and I’ll just spend an hour driving each way, I got a 4 cylinder accord, probably do it in 10 buks of gas or less.
And I might send the bird dog that found it.
I’m surprised how little work I actually do. My favorite Guru Ron Legrand always says, “The less I do the more I make” There really is something to that.

I’ve had them print it, sign it, take a pic with their cell phone, and email the picture to me. If they do it right it looks just like a scanned document.

When you are a long distance away, I have a question on how do you make sure the seller or other wholesaler takes all the required docs such as the JV Agreement to the title company so that you are not cut out of the deal and you will get paid?

The purchase contract shud be in your name, The buyer will provide the escrow info, you can call the title company and ask if they have recieved the purchase agreement and assignment of contract. Don’t sweat the details, get out there and find some deals.