How to get US traffic on my website

I want to get US traffic on my website and for this I am currently using forum posting, directory submission and social bookmarking techniques. I am getting good traffic from these methods but the maximum comes to my website from India. I want to increase the percentage of US traffic. So kindly suggest me some tips for this.

I would start up by reading where I am advertising. If you are trying to sell silk and advertise on a real estate page you may get traffic but you won’t sell any silk.

And you hit it on the head! If you can’t convert the visitors you bring to your website it’s not worth the effort. I would try some fashion related blogs and forums to advertise your business

Submit your blog to USA web directories. Try to build some good link American’s website. By this you can get some traffic from your targeted geolocation. You can also track your visitors in google analytic by adding your blog to it.

I also just launched my investing site…I have several companies, and blogging and backlinking is a great way to get traffic. Best way is do it through viral marketing. Get to know your traffic. Linkdin has helped alot

You have to forgive me, I am from another time and age. Why do you want more traffic on your website?

If you increase the US traffic on my website.then you will do forum posting in us. like your forum site is related in us. and also bookmark in us sites.

Real estate business is geography related. Most of the people in this sector looking for targeted traffic/leads from a specific area. One can achieve success in this through planned strategy for Internet marketing.
You can get US traffic from doing submission on US based sites only. Go for area-wise keywords will also help you in the efforts.

To get more and more US visitors you have to try to get backlinks and recommendations from US based sites. This will help you to succeed in the local listing.

Do search engine optimization on local websites so you can increase your website ranking on USA google. This is how you’ll get more traffic from USA.

You can target your keyword in US by adding “US” or “United States” to your keywords. Or you can also add to your keywords the name of the US state that you want to target. By this you can actually target your keywords to US only and get probably traffic in the US.

I tried a few different way but what worked the best to me is some of the traffic exchange site and its free. There is alot of them out there. The one i used is They have alot of coin give aways every week. I also used www.globalsmomarketing to help with twitter followers, retweets and twitter share votes. That help my numbers alot. Hope this was helpful…


To derive the traffic from US , you have to do the marketing via SEO and Social network in the US sites. It is the best way.

Of course, you have to target US state so that you could get traffic only in the US. Localization / Geo Targeting can be one of the best option you can do so…

You’d have to create links from real estate websites, forums, blogs based in USA, then you’ll start getting traffic from there.

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Did you tried social media? try joining groups and take part in discussion. Also optimize your website with location specific keyword.

  • build links from US sites and directories
  • include “US” or “United States” in your keyword
  • advertise to social media in the US

You should try to get backlinks from US based sites like craigslist, yellowpages etc. These sites will help you a lot to get US traffic for your site. Good luck…

try to target local places in the states to make sure that the traffic you are getting is from the local people from USA… Facebook and Google+ is the place venue for you to get these traffic.

StumbleUpon is the best website to drive traffic from the US. Do submissions in Stumble upon, you will surely come across a nice result.