How to get starting flipping properties

I’m interested in flipping properties in Calif. but have no experience/capital. I do have some land in Palmdale but not sure if I should sell it yet.

Based on my credit score I know I will need a HML and I know I’m not interested in bird dogging because if I have to find distressed property for an investor I may as well get it myself, if I can.

So what should be my first priority, contacting a HML and give detail info on what type of property I’m looking for or find the property, first?

Thank you


Are you located in the Antelope Valley? Perhaps I can help you, I am very familiar with the area, in fact I’m an investor as well as a Loan Officer, please contact me to see what would be the best option for you! I would definately want to get you preapproved with a HML, so your offers will hold water.

As well I have interest in your land property if you are willing to sell at the right price.

Hi, and thank you for your answer to my question.

To answer your question:

No, I don’t live in the Antelope Valley…I live in Los Angeles.

Re land:
A co-worker told me about a company that she deals with in buying land and with that info that she provided me with, I ended up buying 2.5 acres in Palmdale. Its been almost a year since I’ve had it. Planning to go visit the property next month to see what’s going on. Still a little unsure if I’m going to sale but will let you know after my visit from out there, ok.

I will be contacting you this week.

Thank you


sounds good