How to get started

Im a newbie and want to get started, what is the safest real estate programs I should start with? Does anyone know of any mentors willing to assist with questions and splitting profits as well as how and where to locate deals.

Above all else focus on marketing programs, specifically on how to find motivated sellers. If you can do that then you can pretty much learn everything in between signing the purchase agreement and closing. As long as your deals are good, the money for the down payment can be found.

My favorite marketing program is Motivated Seller Marketing by Heather Seitz

Get started in what part of real estate? Just signing up for some classes could be a waste of money unless you know what direction that you want to go into, such as:

Wholesaling: The market is getting tight for this line but it requires very little cash in the game.
Flip and Sell: Great options if you have a background in construction and can find cheap fixer uppers.
Buy and Hold: This is how investors make long-term gains in real estate. Think rentals
Agent: Becoming a real estate agent is a great way to get your feet wet and seek out your corner of the market while earning cash.

Figure out this directing and then you know where you are heading.