How to get started w/bad credit

Hello All,

My name is Brian and I’ve been learning about real estate for about two years now. I have bad credit, own a home in California, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to invest without using your credit. Thanks.

I pay CA$H!


I thought this was the newbie section and did not think that that was an appropriate answer.
If you have no credit then read up on how to do lease options and the like. I am a newbie also and that is what I have figured out so far.
It’s a numbers game in the beginning if you have no cash or credit to do it with but keep plugging away and something will happen.

land contracts, lease options, hard money lenders, find a partner with credit/cash

Hello…i’m fairly new to this site, but i wanted to offer some advice on this topic.

I’d say it is vital to your success as an investor in real estate to spend the time to clean up your credit, as it will allow you to get the cheapest money, etc.

It won’t happen up over night, but you can remove bad marks, blemishes from your credit reports. I’ve raised my scores over 100 points by reading the forums on the below website.

Good luck.

I posted the wrong link…here is the correct one.