how to get seller to say yes to assigning

when I presenting the contract, and i go over the and/ or assign part.

How do I present that part of the contract, so that the seller will agree to it,

what objection will come up, and what closing technique will I need to prepare for this situation.

Don’t question him about it, just assume it like it is normal.

Don’t even bring it up when you write in assigns.

If they ask you why you are putting assigns, just tell them you are contemplating putting it into your LLC or company to hold on to the property but you’re not sure yet.

I rarely rarely EVER receive an objection because I put “assigns” next to my name.

Another thing you can say is that in many cases you bring in partners for your deals, and if you bring in a partner having “and/or assignees” will allow them to be added to the purchase agreement without having to go through all of the paperwork. You are then telling the truth, and I have never had a seller have a problem with doing this.

Best of luck

Eric Medemar