How to get rid of bad tenents?

I have given my apartment to the college students on rent. In the beginning they were fine but now they are doing nonsense. They play tracks at very louder voice and mess up with the neighbors.

Do suggest me the way to handle the case.


Give the tenants a 30 day notice to vacate when they pay you next months rent and ask them to move!

Just to cover yourself also send the 30 day notice to the tenants by certified mail - return reciept requested!


What GR says is right. Most leases have a clause that says something like the tenant can’t interfere with the peaceful and fair use of the neighbors property, or that they can’t interfere with the rights of the neighbors (I don’t have a lease in front of me) But find that clause and state that in the eviction notice.

The best way is the legal way. Serve the tenant with eviction papers at least 30 days in advance and then have the tenants leave. If the tenants are disorderly and causing damage to the property or committing any illegal activities in the property then you may be able to to have a faster eviction based on those things.

I would give them notice to vacate within your states allowable timeframe. I am only required 48 hours and often have threatend it to find that the tenants didnt know that they were causing trouble to the others and then they righted the situation and everything was cheery. If that doesnt work they are gone. I will sometimes be lenient as long as the tenant is not grossly causing problems. It depends on the situation. good luck and always stick by your gut feeling and never go back on it ever. Tell them to cut it out or get out or just to get out your choice, you are the boss.