How to get proof of funds letter from hard money lender without having credit

I have found several bank owned properties and realestate agents want proof of funds letter before the contract can be submitted. I have bad credit and can not get a proof of funds letter from a bank. I was also told hard money lenders can provide a proof of funds letter. I would like to know how this works without having my credit pulled. I also plan on assigning the contracts once the bank accepts the offer. What are some good clauses for banks since I can not use the financial clause? Someone please help how I can get things started.

Get in good with some Loan Officers. Email me!

Most Hard Money Lenders don’t pull credit. Mine, for example, requires I have $7500 in a bank account so I can do the rehab. Just contact a few HML’s in your area and see what their requirements are.

Assigning a bank REO contract is usually not allowed. Banks force you to use their contracts which are not assignable. The only way to try and make that work is to do a double close. Also, since you use the banks contract you won’t be able to put any “clauses” in it to benefit you. Expect to walk away from your earnest money if you can’t close.