How to Get Out of Lawn Maintenance

We have some property that we have been maintaining the ground on. Due to rise in taxes and other associated landlording fees, we want to notify our tenants that we will be no longer taking care of their yards.

It’s 6 duplexes that are all on Section 8. Sec 8 in our area also freezed rent increases this fiscal year.

Any ideas on how to get out of the grass cutting business?

Freeze the rent but still offer the service through a third party that you make a couple bucks on.

I include it in my lease that the tenants must take care of the lawn, rake leaves, and remove snow. I “sell” them a lawnmower for $10 when they move in so that if they are injured or the mower breaks, it is their problem, not mine. In your case, each tenant would be responsible for their half of the lawn. However, this can only be implemented upon lease renewal since your current lease does not have this requirement.

I’m going to assume that you don’t care that all the landscaping will be dead very quickly.

Section 8 tenants will not take care of landscaping. However, you can give everyone a 30 day written notice that they will be responsible for the landscaping.

You might check landlord law in your area to make sure that you can make tenants responsible for landscaping in a compound or apartment situation. I’m thinking there are legal reasons that you can not make tenants care for common areas.

eah, those old fashioned reel mowers are for small yards. You could reduce the size of your lawn by xeriscaping, get better equipment, or pay someone to do it, but I have a feeling someone is making you mow the yard.

Sorry to say, majority of tenants will not be interested in mowing the lawn, even if its in the lease agreement. If the rents are being paid on time, I have yet to meet a landlord that will evict because the grass has not been mowed.

It’s better to get rid of the grass all together and replace with mulch and small decorative bushes. Spend the money for this one time and you’re done.

I think that you have to offer it as an option as an extra fee. If some of the tenants are old or disabled I think it is only fair to give them a few options. 1. get it done yourself and you pay 2. We charge $— a week if you want us to do it. Your business is only as good as your reputation. I don’t care if it is Section 8, they still should be treated like you would treat any tenants.