How to get out of Coinmach Contract FAQ

I decided it was time to create an FAQ on how to get out of your Coinmach contract. I have been dealing with these jerks for years. We operate a property which has a contract that has gone through 3 owners with the same coinmach contract dated in the late 1980’s.

In recent years we have requested new washing and drying machines for the building which is home to around 110 people. We now believe that coinmach is stealing out of the machines as the revenue has dropped off considerable. Down from $450 per month to $250 per month there abouts. We have brought this matter up with regional management to which they scoffed claiming ignorance.

These people are ruthless but they have now stepped in front of the SOUP MACK TRUCK! I was recently mistreated as a customer via phone with a lady claiming to be VP of something. I called the offices to request a copy of my service contract to see if they even had it and the uneducated POS on the phone immediately starts telling me that we are stuck in the lease and this and that. So I told her to STFU and fax the contract as I wasnt trying to get into it over the phone with her, but she persisted and now I am a fly on week old baby poop!

First off I recommend looking over your current lease as I am doing. There are provisions which require them to meet your requests for equipment replacement within a givin time frame. This is the area which I will attempt to exploit.

We are going to prepare a notice to replace the machines which in my case has most of the language x’d out which gives me a little leverage. I plan to have it sent overnight certified mail via usps on a Monday. They will get the notice Tuesday by mid day. They will have 72 hours to comply or they will be in breach of my particular contract. So once Thursday afternoon arrives I will be sending my second overnight certified via usps which will be a Notice to quit or action will be commenced to eject and remove them from said property.

Once Friday morning rolls around that hateful lady will get a real nice weekend present…WORK! Thats right and when she calls the office I will gladly tell her that if they dont come right on over that the old plasma cutter is gettin woopt out right quick and their 30 year old crap is about to get made into a modern art masterpiece and left in the middle of the street.

They will probably also contend to you that they have the right of first refusal but I dont intend to have any equipement at the building atleast for now(not the I couldnt add it later on) as the cost of the utilities is too high to maintain. There are in for a hell of a time I will tell you what I already made 6 complaints this week about the old equipment which I have requested informally to be replaced over 5 times in 4 years to no avail.

I am not one to shy away from artistic impressionism especially when power tools are involved!

I’m not sure I understand. You accused them of stealing and then got upset when that made them mad?

You say you are going to stop using the machines - so why not just shut off the utilities to them and lock the door? They’ll come pick them up sooner or later.

The coin laundry contracts are extremely difficult to get out of.

That’s why I recommend that landlords do not get into business with them. I understand that you inherited the contract. I wish you the best of luck.

Good for you. A friend of mine did the same thing and fought them when he found a vague clause in the lease and just bought his own machines. He simply disconnected their machines and put in and connected his own next to them. He didn’t throw their machines out; he just gave them a letter stating that he would keep them there disconnected and tally a storage fee of $50 per month per machine until they picked them up. They threatened legal action and he threatened to counter claim them for a bunch of things including storage.

He stuck to his guns and a year later after sending letters back and forth, their sales dept. made him an offer he couldn’t refuse for him to keep using their machines. It was a much better deal than originally and they paid some of the storage fees to defray some of the costs of reselling his own machines.

New guy here.
Curious what happened with this?