How to get my College R.E. group sponsored?

I am the president and founder of The Real Estate Entrepreneurs’ at the University of Rhode island. We are just started our marketing campaign to get motivated sellers that are willing to do: owner financing, lease options, etc. The only problem is that I am the one that advises the cthe group and although I know my fair share about real estate, the group could really use a mentor or a sponsorship to get discounts on books and seminars.

Do any of you have any ideas on how to advise me about doing this? I already threw an email out to Thomas Lucier, respectable no nonsense guy, and I TRIED to get Rich Dad…but they eventually tried to sell me something…ohhhboy

Thanks ahead of time guys!

Why doesn’t your group plan to visit a Real Estate Investor Club meeting in your area? You would have an interesting evening, and I bet you could talk to several possible mentors there. You really need a mentor from your area, familiar with your area. Good luck on finding a group.