How to get Leads in A Hot Market?

Hi all:

I’ve been trying to generate leads for pre-foreclosures in the Baltimore-Washington area. This area is a red-hot sellers’ market and houses generally sell in less than seven days. Also, due to the increase in RE values over the past 2-3 years, foreclosures are somewhat rare since someone in trouble can sell through a realtor and still come out ahead.

When foreclosures do go to sale at the court house, there are no bargains - sales go at retail or slightly below.

I’ve tried sending postcards to pre-foreclosures and advertising in the paper and the Pennysaver, asking prospects to phone my voice mail. So far, not one response or bite at all.

Any ideas? How do you get leads in a strong sellers’ market?



Look for another market, you can buy property anywhere…

Good Luck!


This is an old topic but I just got to this site.
I’m an agent in Maryland so I know what you mean.

As a famous marketing guru said “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were BETTER”.

Every month I attend the Investor Club meeting in Bethesda. 50 to 60 people show up, investors, lenders, real estate agents. I would reccomend going to these meetings so you can network with other people.