How to get into the note buying business?

How is this done? Who should I contact about learning this business? How much should you have to start in this business? Any info would be appreciated…

Check out this site - it’s very informative

:cool you jump in and take action this is how you do anything with real estate

reading and studying is fine but doing is how you really learn

MY company has for 5 years now been working with nes and the brokering and making of our own when we sell a home and we just jumped in and got hooked up by chance with some good folks in the bussiness

HAVE you thought of this try being a dog for a broker for a while so you can see how it is done ?? GET set with a compay that brokers notes and then start finding them and you just like with any other real estate dog you will gwet a finders fee for the closed note

WE right now pay our dogs 500.00 to 1,000.00 per found and closed note

AS well we sponser new people into the note bussiness with our note people

SO how do you get in the bussiness i think i have given you a lot ways to do it but just do something !!!

I think the “just do it” mentality can also come back to bite you in the behind!
I want to know the details…I don’t want to dog for a broker. I don’t think they will teach you anything, as you will eventually be dogging for yourself and they will lose out.

What notes to look for?
How do you know what’s a good risk or not?
What discount do you purchase them at?

These are the sort of things I’m after…

That link that Lori K sent you is a good place to start. They have a beginner course that is really good and it is free.