How to get finally get going??

Ok, so we took a Real Estate corse six months ago. Naturally, we procrastinated for a while. We did do little things here and there but all of them were seemingly inconsequential. We’d hand out business cards then we’d go to look at a house that was for sale, the next week we’d put up more ad’s… We’ve done a lot of the right things but we have done them so far apart that nothing has come of them.

My wife hasn’t worked for a while and I just lost my job. We have no other choice then to run with Real Estate even though everyone we know is yelling at us to run the other way. I have had a victim mentality for at least a year now and am in recovery but as you well know, It Is Tough! I wan’t to grab life by the contracts but we only have enough money to get us through the next two weeks.

As one would expect, We Are Terrified! We have done the wrong things for so long that we now have no clue where to start. Again, we have the knowledge , what we seem to need is the master plan to put it all together.

We’ve got a bunch of Business Cards and some BIG Car Magnets. What should we do now? Where should we go from here? Any advice would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and I would hope that the responces to my post WILL Help Many Other Beginners to be able to move ahead in their businesses.


First, don’t act out of desperation - wrong attitude! You need leads - free ads, give out your business cards to potential sellers. Use web to locate FSBO’s, then phone them to see the amount of motivation.

If you need help I’ll work with you as I need an assistant in Denver. I have various leads from all over the country, but need feet on the ground and I’ll help you make this pay! You’ll be working on commission, so I hope you have at least some cash to keep you going until you have a payday. What course material are you using? Don’t buy any more. I’ll show you how we can turn some cash, quickly and legally. If you are interested drop me a line and tell me a bit about yourself. I am only interested in working with people of integrity.



i’d go with that option my friend plus see if you can get a cash advance somewhere…also wholesaling is a great option as well but you will need leads and a buyers list to execute

Your best lead generation is going to come from Direct Mail. You need to find some lead sources in which you can send the leads either post cards or letters or both. It is always best to have your leads chasing you then the other way around. The name of the game is finding MOTIVATED SELLERS and having them calling you. Rent Court, Probates, Owners with Code Violations, Sellers in preforeclosure etc. With you being limited on funds, I wouldn’t recommend REO’s since you should concentrate on using the money you do have for MARKETING and not as earnest money. You have to start getting leads in the pipeline first.

Hi there!

First, don’t panic!

Second, take action.
The way to get going is to set deadlines for yourself.

Do you know how to put deals under contract?
Then wholesaling is a great option for you.

set deadlines for yourself in the sense of:

I’ll drive this neighborhood each day for 3 hours.
I will get 30 leads by…
I will mail letters and contact owners of the house by…
I will make x amount of offers by…

It’s really a numbers game. No big secrets. You are now forced to do this, but you still have to take action.

Remember: all you need is one deal to prove to yourself it’s real.

Once, you realize that it’s not a myth: the next deal comes in droves.



this is a business and you must put in about 3-5hours each day

plan your days BEFORE the next
print out a 24 HOUR chart with cells so you can place it on your wall
write in each hour that you want to and what you DID do

this will show physical proof of your actions

NEXT contact as many real estate closing attorneys and ask them if they are comfortable working with investors. and if they are comfortable performing 2 transactions at one time

you must be able to close so get the end part set up first

i hope the course you studied showed the importance of being creative
every property is different and should be handled different

every area in the US is different too.

you should be asking yourself these questionns
who is buying in my area
who is selling in my area that is MOTIVATED not FLEXABLE

and you need for them to come to YOU

so with that say, get creative and develop some simple websites, there are FREE WEB SITE BUILDERS ON THE WEB

and you need to have someone who is readily available to pick up your phone that can jot down quick information for a call back.

now you just allow the leads to come to you via your telephone or web site.
i shouldnt have to go into detail on how to bring traffice to your site but BANDIT SIGNS that grab ppls attention on a PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL level is a good way.

what state do you you live in?>

give me a shout

we can keep each other motivated!!

I’m having this problems too, but I know that this is just part of the learning process.

Good to meet everyone…

Sound advice from the group… There are a variety of methods for creating wealth in this business… The common denominator is that all require a lot of learning and hard work… With that said every business I can think of starts with Advertising… Then goes to lead capture and finally lead fulfillment…

SO to put it simply and that you dont have a ton of cash you need to learn how to tell the story of what you do… I call it my elevator speech…

Then start telling it… To everyone… I will challenge you to have that speech with 5 people within the next 24 hours… Even if you know them or not. AND dont say youre new…

When giving the speech

Always state your name:

What it is that you do:

Who you can help.

How you can help.

Repeat your name:

Repeat what it is that you do:

Repeat your telephone number:

Goes like

My name is Michael Quarles

I am a real estate Investor with I Buy Houses

I help people who need to sell a house because of foreclosure, divorce, probate, unwanted houses, bad tenants, houses with a lot of repairs needed. Ect.

I can help fast, most of the time in as soon as 10 days or what is really great about my program is that the seller can have the peace of mind knowing that their home is sold, not only sold but sold to someone who can afford to buy it, in fact my program allows the seller to stay in the house as long as they need to.

Again my name is Michael Quarles

A real estate Investor with I Buy Houses

My telephone number is 877-877-1010

From here transition into asking them the following.

Do you own your home or are you renting?

Based on the answer will determine whats next… If an owner.

You’re an owner that is great… Just to let you know I am looking for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes in CITY…And I was wondering…

Have you thought about selling? (Never) Terrific!

If you were to sell…where would you go next? (Back to ???) That’s Exciting!

And when would that be? (3 months) Fantastic!

If they do not want to sell say thank you and if a professional ask them for a card…

If they do then proceed onto asking them about their house.

Becoming uncomfortable is almost always needed in any new business career…

Good Luck.