How to get direction into Real Estate Investing?

I am looking for some help and guidance to learn about Real Estate Investing. I need something that will walk me step by step through investing in Real Estate. I have read a few books and attended a few seminars on the matter but they are not what I am looking for. I am specifically looking for a product or a trainer that will tell me my options on obtaining the money to do deals or even if have to put money down at all, etc.



Welcome to the REI Club. While all of the books and seminars are great for fundamental knowledge, the members of this site are actively using that knowledge. They are going through the trials and tribulations. Grab a cup of coffee and start reading through the Forums. There is a search function by your screen name at the top of this page. Type in the subject and get started. If you cannot find the answer, ask it? The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.

If this is to impersonal you could find a mentor at a local REI Club.

Take a few moments to read the forum rules. They are the first post in every forum.

Enjoy and we look forward to your involvement in the club.

Google Real Estate Clubs in you’re Area such as Dig and the like.

Noone is really going to “Hold your hand” so to speak and you really don’t want that unless you are just using like an “investor concierge” to invest your money sorta like a stock broker does for people.

It like the verse “Feed a man a fish and he will eat for the day, but Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”

My question is do you just want to eat or do you want to fish?

I agree with Mdhaas. Real estate is local. You have to learn how you can make money in real estate where you are. You can’t be in an area where rents don’t work and try to rent out houses, or be in an area that flipping does not work and try to flip. You need to know if condos work where you are or single family works. To find that out, go to your local real estate investors club and find out who is making money and how and do what they are doing. Don’t get smart or cute DO JUST WHAT THEY DO. You really don’t want to cut brush…you want to follow the gravy train.

The problem with many seminars is that the speaker is more focused on selling you their product or boot camp versus giving you real knowledge that you can apply.

An ideal product trainer is The content is very informative and I’m sure you would be benefited.

Good luck,

Training materials are great but they are theoretical. Until you apply the materials to your situation, they are just theory. Some things work only in certain markets or in certain market directions.

What I did when just starting out (after reading a bunch of courses and figuring I needed more) was join a local REI club and network and work trades with already successful investors.

I have lots of web skills so it was fairly easy to get a few mentors give the honest inside track and be there whenever I called in exchange for help with web issues and the like.

It worked good and helped to build some strong relationships.

But really, the best learning is by doing and hopefully not stumbling too badly during the learning curve. And believe me, you will stumble if you do this long enough. Even experienced investors hit a lemon once in a while.


If you’re just starting out, you should start with flipping properties to build your cash. I did my first deal flipping made thousands in a week. I see a lot of beginners getting blogged down in techniques that should only be used after you establish a cash foundation.