how to get cheap mailing-list?

How to get cheap mailing-list from commercial list brokers? anybody share a few tricks to minimize the cost?

i was checking a local mailing-list company, it cost me about 200$ / 1000 leads for home owners, and it has very poor details.

try online:

You could always find a website/service that has a promising list, pay them to post an appealing ad to it and then channel their visitors through to sign up to your mailing list.

Title company

I’ve heard of people going directly to the credit bureaus and buying lists of people who have recently had their credit run to see if they can get a mortgage. Is this the case?

yes but there are credit reporting company requirements and I dont think that their requirements fit our business model…

You have to use trickery and you should never…

Michael Quarles

You might have to pay a decent amount of money if you want a list that is actually usable. Lists that sell for dirt cheap are usually not very detailed and pretty hard to work with. I’ve even seen some with false details on them…

Definitely talk to title companies, especially in this slow market. They usually have access to everything you need and will put your list together for free…just use their company to close on the deals you do.


What type of list should you ask the Title Companies to make?

They can give all kinds of lists…

Absentee Owners

they have a filtering ability and can narrow your search to people with just about any criteria you can think of…

what exactly are you planning to do with the list?

you looking for out of town owners?

we use a program at

and you can search my neighborhood and criteria - and print out mailing labels

I feel sure there is something similair in your area - just find out what the local realtors use

Whatever…Get in your car and drive around!! Find vacant houses. Cross reference the property address to find mailing address…then mail them yellow letters.
All it takes is your time and effort…
If you’re serious about real estate investing and don’t have $$ to fork out on unreliable mailing lists from snakey list brokers, then find hot leads yourself.

In my opinion, there’s no better list than vacant houses.

I am a bird dog and I currently receive a list from an ad I saw on craigs list. I brought a list of 20 names and I received 4 calls from that list. Email I highly recommend them.

This is a great point! There a TONS of companies who will sell you a CHEAP list, but that’s what you get. Also, USA data and many of the huge data houses wont have the selects you are looking for.

Depending upon what you are hoping to do with this list, or more importantly who you’re hoping to find/market to, there are many ways to use data to get to what you need.

For example having access to credit data and consumer information AND demographic data will allow you to pull people who are qualified and fit the bill that you are looking for.

To do this you’ll need to work with an experienced broker and one with access to a large pool of data!