how to get carpet for 10 to 20 cents a foot

I just read in a thread about paying 55 cents a foot for carpet which is what I think is outrages; you should be able to get carpet for 10 to 20 cents a foot. You can get it from 3 places in most major cities call Freeman decorating Company, Bredee Decorating or GES decorating. The carpet is used for trade show booths if you get what they call prestige carpet it was only used once. The only down side is it only comes in 10 foot wide rolls but there should be a shop guy that will do it on his day off for extra few bucks


How about picking up excess or new but replaced carpet from in your area at pennies per sq ft? That’s what I have done. With the savings from one rehab alone, I was able to afford to buy a trailer to haul the carpet to the rental unit!


I have looked at GL but you do not get the selection and the decorating companies always have carpet in stock. The carpet was only taped to the floor using double stick tape for a day or two and you can get 10’ x 20’ rolls

No offence but are you guys serious?

Yep. If you have as many properties as we have, and see tenants trash them constantly, you’d find a creative way to re-carpet rentals too!


Bovine yes I am serious, why would you spend 50 to 85 cents a foot when you can get better or as good of carpet that has been on a stage and walked on by 2 or 3 people for an hour for half the price. On a SFH with 3 bedrooms if you save 125 bucks and you do 1 a month that’s 1500 a year for buying it at a different store. Would you buy paint at a box store if you could buy it someplace else for 125 dollars less that’s only 15 minutes down the street? :beer