How to get banks to sell you foreclosure properties for pennies on the dollar?

For those that have attended REI seminars, has anyone learned how to do this? I have noticed a lot of seminars claiming to teach investors how to pull this off. A local Realtor in my area is claiming to teach this in his 2 day course. I am curious if anyone has attended a seminar where these secrests were unveiled and would you please share what you learned.

I sincerely hope most of you wanting to start REI, don’t get caught up in all this hype. These guys are pathetic.

Appreciate any lessons or comments.


Without seeing any more information and based on where this topic is posted my first guess would be that he’s teaching gaining control of properties by purchasing the taxes at county auctions.

I’ve been to 2 auctions like this to observe and in my view it seems to be an excellent way to make good returns on investments even if you don’t get ownership of the property.



I love short sales!! Then flip to others to make a little bit in the spread!!

There ya go all summed up in less then 20 words!!!

Maybe with other seminars, but I don’t think that’s the case here. This guy is way to inexperienced. No way he could teach SS/LM at a seminar. This is a local realtor/“investor”. Hasn’t ever really sold much REO.

Appreciate the response, but I think there is another angle/scam in this particular case.

Any other suggestions?