How to get a realtor to work with you if I am an investor ? Some of them,hate us

Hi, I just moved from Ma to Florida…I did a couple deals as an investor in Ma and I feel some resistance on how to approached realtors here in Florida.

Can someone please email me a pitch phone call, or some ideas on how to promote myself as an bilingual investor ( English and Spanish ) in this tough market of Florida ?,

Any input will be so much appreciate.


I don’t have a script but just use common sense and good communication and sale skills.

What do you want them to do for you and how will they benefit? Many newbie investors want agents to run comps for them but never let the agent know how they will be compensated for their work. If they object find out why and then prepare an answer for the next agent that comes up with that same objection.

My guess is the ones who object have dealt with investors before that wasted their time or never bought a property.

Make sure that the agent has realistic expectations in advance. Don’t say you will do 20 deals a year if you are going to do 2. Let them know if you are gong to put in lots of low ball offers. You could say “would you be OK with some selling agents screaming at you because of a low ball offer, if it means an extra deal every couple of months?”

I’ve used realtors a good bit in the past 3yrs.Just read thier profiles if avail.The ones I encounter are happy to help,cause sales are down.You may have to weed thru a few to get a good one cause alot of them claim to specialize in investing but don’t have a clue.My wife is a realtor who definitly knows investing and construction and describes it in her profile.Good luck,hope this helps.

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