How To: Form LLC and find RE Lawyer

I’ve been studying a lot of L/O & Sub2 materials and its good stuff. It seems like my first steps to get going are to form an LLC, find a local RE Lawyer and setup a v-mail system.

Because of all of the information on the site, the v-mail system should not be an issue, but trying to figure out the maze of forming a proper LLC is confusing. Likewise, it seems a lot of RE Lawyers I’ve interviewed are focused on working with contractors, builders, etc, etc and not very experienced with L/O or Sub2 engagements.

Any suggestions?? Do other folks even bother with these steps? I feel like overcoming these issues are causing me to loose momentum toward getting my first deal.

PS. I live in WA state.


Greetings Steve,

I’m convinced that these steps are absolutely necessary if you want to protect the wealth that you will be building. I wouldn’t, though, let it slow you down in closing a deal. Just make sure to get it done before you have too many properties in your own name.

I’ve set up a LLC and am in the process of setting up a C corp, both in California. I’ve done both without a lawyer, but used materials prepared by a lawyer.

Best regards,
Greg Moon