How to find who runs an estate

Here’s the ownership history of a vacant, rundown home:

KUMMER FELIX EST 1654/ 729 6/12/2006 0
KUMMER FELIX EST 1166/ 785 12/30/1993 0
1144/ 4 3/5/1993 0
558/ 193 1/6/1964 0
FELIX KUMMER + DOROTHY R 558/ 153 12/13/1963 0

Guessing EST means estate. Any suggestions how to find the owner and who manages the estate? The address on the tax records is Felix Kummer Est with the street address as the home’s address so dead end there. Any ideas?

Have you tried contacting a neighbor? Usually one of them will know.

Last month I didn’t get rent from one of my units. I called, but no luck. So I went over on the 6th. No tenant to be found, but her stuff was there. So I posted an eviction letter on the door, and mailed one to her. Her mom called me the next day. She was glad I mailed an eviction letter. Her daughter was in jail for a month or so because of some tickets or something. She was glad I mailed the eviction letter because she didn’t have a key and didn’t know how to get ahold of me. Her mom sent me a check for the rent and said she will pay me on the first of June as well.

I would definitely mail a letter. The family might get it and be glad someone will buy it without them having to list the property. Plus they won’t have to paint it and do any work if you’re willing to buy it as is.

I’ll have to head over there and ask around.

When I found it I left a letter on the door in a plastic bag to keep it dry with hopes that someone would stop by eventually and find it. I was also planning to send a letter when I got home and could look up the tax address. Hopefully I can dertermine where any correspondence should go.