how to find what rents are in a neighborhood

hi guys i was wondering if anyone know a good website to find out what rents are in a neighborhood and if there are can you please give me the website thanks

There may be some websites that give numbers, but if you really want to see what people are getting for different places - I would check the local newspaper (or the newspaper’s website if they have one). At least you’ll see current ads with current asking prices. Many areas also have want-ad circulars that will have for rent ads too., can give you surrounding rents, but usually gives to wide of a range so you can use the map to look at surrounding rents for the number of bedrooms

craigslist, local newspaper, local pennysaver/ad-lines paper, local community paper, local REI club

I track the ads. The ones gone quickest have the most realistic rents. The ones that hang around for a few months are most likely realtors managing for failing investors.


Call the number on the “For Rent” signs in the neighborhood and ask them what they want for rent. You have to call a bunch because you have to figure out what they have in them versus what you have in your s and you also have to take into consideration the guy that wants a million dollars for his house and it always stays empty versus the guy that has a paid off house and he is only doing it as a hobby and just wants to keep it occupied.

I usually scan Craigslist to see what people are asking for rental properties. It’s a good idea to do a search and see how long each ad has been posted, and/or reposted. It all depends on your area - because i primarily rent to college students, they are more likely to be targeted using online ads - so I don’t really scan the papers or use them. There’s also - it’s becoming more popular as a competition to craigslist.