how to find the right cpa..and what to ask.

upon calling a recommended cpa, i want to avoid the situation of “let me setup an appointment for you to come in”. i first want to get an idea if they truly are specialists in real estate…and also maybe they could give me some information while on the phone? no i’m not looking to bypass their services but i want to avoid paying someone (for an appointment) just to find out they really won’t meet my needs. basically i’m looking for tax advice as to what is the best route for me to take in regards to my first deal (preforeclosure) which my father took a HELOC on this home to purchase. for him it’s in investment property (right?) and for me, my first home.

when i explain this to the cpa, i’m looking for advice as to what situation will work best for me (bring the most profit). what shoudl i expect when calling these recommended individuals? What are some questions I should ask besides explaining my situation and if they can help me out. (ask what their fees are upfront?)

lastly, if anyone has a CPA they recommend for NJ (morris county area) i’d love to hear from you.

thanks a bunch

any cpa worth his salt should not have a problem answering general questions (not requiring research) over the phone and for free. I don’t charge a dime until I have to start the computer

Mark Wagner, CPA