How To Find Recent Cash Purchases In Area?

I love this resource that REIClub has made available to us. I’m very new as my subject line above has made evident. I have been reading and watching everything I can get my hands on as it relates to wholesaling because I understand that is the best place to start and also provides fast cash to help get a person up and running. Somewhere I remember hearing about a way to find out where the houses are being bought in any given city and the particular neighborhoods and whether it was a cash buy or otherwise. With all the information I’ve been gathering I can’t recall exactly where I heard or saw that. Can anyone here help me find where the homes are being bought with cash? I’m just trying to narrow down my target areas for where cash buyers are buying. I’m aware of the public records sites such as and have looked through that and even though I have found a lot of important information there I haven’t seen anything showing both where the homes are located that were sold and of those which were cash buys. I just want to be learning where the investors are looking for deals so I can help them find what they are looking for. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

You shud develop a relationship with a Title company I’ve sent my Title girl cash and paid cards to local steak houses and pre paid visa cards. When ever I need info I get it, whenever a home owner calls her checking me out I get a glowing review.
In return I always try to use her company when possible.

Randoskie that is just good relationship building practicing. I appreciate you sharing that. It has worked for me quite well being in advertising and marketing for 30+ years. (Now you’ve reminded me how old I am … LOL)

What I was referring to however is either a website (which I think it is) but it could have been a software. Sometimes I am looking at things on my cellphone but it isn’t as good as being on my laptop or computer. This would be something I could do on my own at any hour without depending on someone else to take up their time to do this. I saw it one time but I believe it may have been a video of someone showing this so again I’m not certain if it was a website or software.

If and when I see it again I will post where it is because I believe others will benefit from it as well.

Thanks again for replying and trying to help me out.

Yea I had a buddy that was telling me about that, he suggested I go in to my Title company and they wud help me set it up and I cud do my own tax record searches and have instant access. But I liked having the Title girls do it, even though it can take 24 hours, A lot of the time it’s less than 2 hours.
That wud be the way to go to have instant access.