How to find properties other than MLS?

What is a good way to find properties to invest in other than the MLS?

I know you can say “we buy houses for cash” but I would need a loan so can’t make a quick purchase. Also, I know there are county tax sales every few years but here they basically sell at market value or are not worth much at all.

Any suggestions?


Do wholesaling, build cash and investment capital.

Your best source of properties with the possibilities of great deals is during preforeclosures. It’s not easy and persistence on your part is what makes this process a great money earning in real estate.

You could find these preforeclosures in your courthouse under the “Notice of Default” listing. It depends on the state where you live so ask your local county courthouse.

Another great source of bargain properties is through the Realtor. Now realtor have access to MLS but you have to find the right realtor who is experienced enough in getting MLS listing way ahead of their peers.


How does a realtor get MLS listings before their peers? You mean through word of mouth or actually prior access to the MLS?


Howdy Zoey:

Find the Realtor that handles REO’s. I get a list prior to the Realtor doing the BPO for the lender and get a chance to make an offer before it hits the MLS.