How to find private money?

Any idea where to find private money lenders or lending groups that are not mortgage companies? Many of the properties I look at are under 50k and a lot of lenders won’t touch them. (Not enough money in them.)

Hard money lenders won’t do either. These are for buy and hold. I just need a couple 3 years balloon note.


Hello Jeff, There are private money investors available that start at $25K and up to $100 Million. Commercial and/or residential RE projects. You would need a broker to find them for you.

No broker around here seems to know squat about private money.


Hey Jeff,

Maybe this will help. Call 800-593-7587, ext 110. Ask for Bernadette.
The company is called Plus Funding. She seems to know her stuff. Hope this helps. Good luck!

I called them as you suggested. Nice folks, interesting products, but not what I needed. They still deal in the conventional stuff. No private money.

People must want to keep their private money sources private. :slight_smile:


Look in a large city newspaper in the Real Estate section under “Money to Lend”…


I will do that to, Keith. Then I might just put my own ad in.

Dynamic investor will satisfy old ladies in exchange for tapping their equity lines.

What think you? :smiley:

type in hard money loans on your google!

Jeff: That’s what I would call “hard up for hard money.”


Hello Everyone, Earlier I posted that private money investors are available. There is a broker that does work with these investors. The broker will work with you but will not give away the source.

I can help you find private money. If you have a scenario, I can get you connected to hard money professionals

I can tell you that private money lenders lend 60-70% of subject- to -values, and 100% construction cost, if the numbers there. This is very common.

Let me add that,…
All fall into two (2) catagoreis of risk/reward: loan money/interest made or loan money/collateral gained. Sometimes both.
Metro area,

Private money lendors are not hard money lendors. They loan strickly on the return on Investment you offer them.10-15% and on YOUR reputation. You secure their investment with real estate. Go here for a great book that is a step by step plan that helps you develope your own source of private money.