How to Find Private Lender in Indiana

How do I find a private lender in Southern Indiana? Properties can be purchased for alittle of nothing, I can’t find anyone willing to lend under 50K in the area. Thanks! :o

What terms?

Interest, points, collateral etc?

I’ve never worked with private or HML, I am willing to go with the high end rate going right now to get started.

My husband has been in the construction business most of his life and will oversee all of that aspect, I am a financial secretary/office manager and will oversee all of the financial end. We have a couple of subcontractors online and several contacts with people husband has worked with. The properties can be purchased from 8K to 30K, and the repairs can be done fairly cheaply in the area. The biggest problem is that it is not a hot market and they can sit for 4-6 months before selling. If still interested, please email me.


How did this thread morph from zeppelin asking about finding small amount mortgage lenders…?

casper - what, exactly, is your post about? Are you lending money, buying property, selling property, something else…I’m not following how this fits the thread…(maybe it’s the “Sundown thread headache” that’s confusing me…).


Sorry, I logged in as my husband and just replied, it’s all same person. Didn’t mean to confuse anyone.

Have you tried contacting some of the individuals on the Hard Money lender’s Link?

As with anything else, do your homework. Shop around.

If it sounds to good to be true…

Beneficial Finance is the only hard money lender I know that will go below $50 k