how to find private/hard money lending in Kansas City area and in Colorado

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to find private lenders and/or hard money in the Kansas City area? I invest in properties in the University town of Lawrence, Kansas.

Also, how do you recommend finding a private lender and/or hard money lender in Colorado? I invest in properties in the Denver/Boulder area.

I am looking for someone who can loan the money quickly, within a week, and who is preferably willing to take a second mortgage.

Thanks for your suggestions.

So you dont want hard money options in Kansas City, only private money?

Private money would be the only source to do a 2nd and get loans done in a week. Hard money lenders are usually around 2.5 weeks. (but I have seen them done in less)

I’m open to hard money, if it were available soon enough.

I’m wondering whether it will be easier to find a private lender in Kansas/Missouri or in Colorado. It seems that private lenders and hard money lenders are easier to find in Colorado, though most of my investing is in the Midwest.

Actually JJ is the KC,MO rep and Lawrence is the StL,MO rep. Pleasedomt mislead readers into thinking you work for this company. You are an independent 3rd party contractor that referrs business to them. When you claim “we” this and “we” that your leaving yourself and them open to liability. The moderators will more than likely delete your post as advertising is not a common practice on this forum.