How to find out when properties are pulled from current months auction?

A lot of us have the same problem- thousands of properties every month are initially listed for foreclosure and supposed to be auctioned in the current month, and not enough time to actually go and put our eyes on every property we are interested in. As responsible investors, my father and I travel to and personally look at each property we are interested in. However at auction time, maybe 1 in 20 or so, properties that we have looked at actually come up for auction. We live in Harris County, Houston Texas and that is the county auction we attend. Is there any service or resource that updates foreclosures as they are “pulled” or taken off that month’s list? We have tried calling the trustees listed themselves, most of the time they never return our calls or seem reluctant to give any information at all, or they themselves don’t have the updated information till the day of the sale. Calling the mortgagee or title service has been not fruitful at all. If we knew what properties not to look at, that have been negotiated, or settled, then that would improve our research and increase our buying potential and would make the whole process more efficient and better for the county and everyone involved. I am only interested in legal information, and not asking anything inappropriate but the system seems very flawed in that aspect. Am I missing something? I have looked into many listing services and none of them take properties off the list after their final legal posting date. Does anyone know of a solution, or workaround to my problem? I would greatly appreciate any and all advice on this issue. Thanks.


It is a gamble because the bank can pull it back 5 minutes before auction time. Just get yourself a bag of doughnuts and set back and see if the one you want come up be prepare to pay a good price because most investors will over bid. You will get better deals if you pay a Realtor to find you deals.