How to find Out-of-State Homeowners

I’m looking to get a list of out of state homeowners and send them all test mailers, and depending on the higher response rate, use that as our main mailer. Has anyone ever done this? My question is how do I get these out of state homeowners list? I talked to the county assessor at the courthouse and they said they could get me a list, however, I would have to sign a no-soliciting statement… All I’m going to be doing is telling people I am interested in their house and if they are willing to sell to let me know. That considered soliciting?

Any help in this manner would be greatly appreciated.

You can customize and purchase the list of absentee owners from a corelogic company.

That is what I use. By using sites like, you won’t have to sign any no soliciting agreement.

Hope this helps

How accurate have you found this site, and how much do they typically charge for their leads?

So far they have been very accurate. In fact some of the very successful investors on this site such as Michael Quarles use this site. Rate depends on volume. You can always get a quote from them. Another company is lead research group. I haven’t used them for absentee owners but I have used them for NODs and people who are late on payments. You can ask for Anita. There NODs are very accurate

Alright, well I checked out the website and it does seem useful, however, they don’t search for properties where I live, which is in Kansas… Any reason why they don’t offer for every state? Some states are harder to access the info maybe?

I did this too and my list broker helped me obtain my list. I used Alphagraphics Print shop here in NJ. They helped me obtain a list of non-owner occupied properties where the owners are living in another state, as well as, owners living in the same state where the properties are located. I also used them to print and mail my post cards.

Speak to your local Alphagraphics in your area if they can do the same for you. This was two years ago and as I recall I spent $3k total for the list, printing and mailing. List size was 6k.

I have used listsource for non occupied properties and their price was not bad at all. We were able to get all types of lists and depending on how much other demographics you are interested in, the price goes up. I would again go to a real estate investor group or real estate agents who specialize in foreclosures or short sales. You may even have a local bank give you some information. It can get expensive so put it out there and you will get bids from at least five different companies.

I use Listsource, the county’s appraisal district’s website or get a list from list brokers.

The above lists are good - if you have time and motivation, you can also use your county (or city) zoning map if it’s interactive and click along each street your interested in. In our city they have the maps set where you can zoom in on a street and click each “house”, on the side pops up the owner, their address, and details about the property, like it’s zoning (ie. R-1, R-3, C-P, etc.) - not super fast, but within 30 minutes or so I can identify every house on a 12-20 block stretch I’m interested in.