How to find Motivated Sellers?

Hi, Ive been reading about real estate for a few months now and I want to to this full time. Im still a college student, 21 years old, I live in Westchester County, just north from New York City. I wanted to know what were some strategies to find mortivated sellers that are being used currenttly. I dont have a car and I depend on public transportation so driving for dollars is kind of hard for me. I might “walk” for dollars but that would be a pain. Are there any other strategies that investors use to locate these moticated sellers? Please bear in mind that Im still in college and I dont have enough money to spend on marketing and everyting.
Any comments can help me greatly! Thanks

Well if you’re like me who doesn’t have all the money in the world to spend on marketing (like others may have), I’ve heard bandit signs work for finding motivated sellers. Even using the cardboard signs in telephone poles or something like that would work. Get you some google voice numbers setup for voice mail for the signs or ads you put on craigslist.