How To Find Motivated Sellers In London and do they even exist?

Many people are having huge success with property in the Uk however I know some of you are still having an issue with finding the right property and even when you get past that hurdle you are battling to try and get a good deal on the property

This is why you hear “Find a motivated seller” being thrown around the main reason of everyone’s love for this type of seller is because they are mostly very quick with the transaction or are very negotiable

Why you may ask?

Well, there are several reasons for a motivated seller the popular ones are moving away, a baby boomer retiring, can’t afford to keep the house the list is weird and can go on forever Samuel Leeds even said that a lady was desperately selling her house just to get back at her ex-boyfriend

But why is it that some people can find motivated sellers and others never come across one and do they even exist in London?

Well let’s get into the nitty-gritty

This is how many people are in London
8.9 million

And this is how big London is

1572 km2
If you do the math this means that there are 14,833 people per square mile so if you stand in and one of those miles you would have 14,833 potential people to sell to…Yeah that’s a lot of people

Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that you can’t one person that has seen their dream house and need to sell their current one in a short matter of time or their house is now at the very bottom of Zoopla and they are getting frustrated and will do anything to get this house off their hands or as weird as this one sounds maybe they think their house is haunted and they need to get out of there ASAP

Looking at those type of circumstances I’m very sure that out of the 14.833 people someone will have to go through this once in their life so I believe the question shouldn’t be do motivated sellers in London exist?

The real question is these three

  1. How do you find a motivated seller in London?

  2. How do you connect with motivated sellers in London

  3. How do you ethically help their problem and get a win for you?


Ther are 100% enough motivated sellers it all depends on on the three questions at the top but another issue you truly have is that you lack the education which is completely fine you don’t know what you don’t know.

I don’t have to tell a lot about you who Samuel Leeds is but if you’re not aware he is the person on the BBC who bought a castle and has millions of pounds in his real estate portfolio now he goes on missions to financially free as many people as possible

Forget about trying to do it on your own or buying overpriced courses this book is stuffed with a tonne of value that you will need

Even better what if the motivated sellers could be chasing you instead of you chasing them?

What if you could have people talk about you through referrals and say you’re the “Go to person when it comes to selling their house” What could you do if you didn’t even have to worry about running around like a headless chicken for sellers?

While ive never been to london i can tell you motivated sellers are everywhere. Im sure the principle in finding them there is the same as it is here in the U.S.

I am from.Australia and love in New Orleans so can’t comment specifically on UK market. There would definitely be motivated sellers. Look for pre-foreclosure lists, people that owe taxes etc. Just get creative to find the distress.

There are always motivated sellers in every market. People always have problems in their lives that will cause them to neglect the property, fall behind on payments etc. and will get themselves into a situation where they need to sell quickly or their house will be foreclosed on.