How to Find Mentor

I’ve got 5 units in 3 properties fully rented this past year. I’ve done 1 rehab in Phoenix. A few of my goals for this year are:

[] Grow to 10-12 rental units
] Increase my knowledge of investing stratigies … sub2, Lease Opt, Rent to Own, Land Trusts and LLC
[*] Not need my day job for 2006! ;D

I figure my best chance of accomplishing these goals is via a local mentor and lots of education. My feet are already wet, I’m just looking to go deeper into the pool.

My “local” RE Club is in Bellevue, WA and seems to be focused on the Seattle area … not Everett. More importantly, its not focused on my targeted farming area. My credit is 700+ and I have $cash$ to get moving.

Suggestions on finding a mentor would be appreciated.