How to find Lines of Credit

Hello everyone, and thanks ahead for your replys, ive been looking at a number of SFH im my area, but im kinda cocern about my credit score 672, i would like to know if theres and info or places where i might be able to get a business line of credit with my current scores or should i just keep checking around differnt companys

What is the business? How long has the business been around? Does the business have a credit rating with Dunn and Bradstreet or experion?

Newly formed and yes ive applyed with D&B, its a rehab and maintiance co.

Without an established business credit history it is unlikely that you will qualify for a business line of credit.

You may want to check with local banks about “personal” lines of credit and HELOCS on any real estate you may already own.

If all those options are not available you should check with rehab/hard money lenders.

depending on which state you are in there are lines of credit available for business entities with 6 months established and 100k max loc down to a 660 score. I check on the states and get back to you.

I could probably help you out with your business LOC. I’m a banker at Wells Fargo Bank and I can get Business lines and Credit cards based on the personal credit. Best part, it won’t show but a soft inquiry on your credit. I think we had a pretty good topic on this last week going too.