How to find landloads who want to sell their house

Hi All.
I need your advise and opinion.

I am trying to find owner UNoccupied properties. What I am trying to is to landloads or people who have bought house and and having trouble to rent them. I think it’s good idea to send letter to them said “I would like to Buy your house” in stead of calling to them ask about rent. I’ve heard that many landloads are having trouble with their tenant or just can’t rent the house and want to get rid of the properties.

Do you know any website that I can find leads of owner UNoccupied properties?

Thank you!


Just look in the sunday paper under rentals - call all the landlords - ask if they want to sell?

Run an ad in paper in rental section i.e. note tenant problems, repairs,non-payment by tenants,etc. You can fix. Any landlords that call is potential seller.


Another thing you can do Amanda is go down to the cout house to see the evictions filed by landlords, The eviction process may be the thing that breaks the landlords back and pushes him into a selling mode.

Good Luck


Hi Kevin.

I will check county clerk website.

If I were landload who has bad tenant, all I want to is to get rid of the tenant to find other one. Or simply sell the property. If the owner is depend on tenant for the mortgage payment, they want to sell the house to pay off the property even they have to give uo monthly cash flow.

Thank you very very much!

If you’re looking for a list, you can contact a title company, and they can search your area for N/O/O properties, and provide you with their names and addresses. Now, you’d want to convince the title company that they’re your new title company of choice, to close these deals.

A Business relationship is now born!

You want you letter to explain how you can help them, buy them out, take over payments, buy it outright, without using a RE Agent, saving them $$$ in commissions. Make it a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!

Good Luck!