How To Find JV Partners

im trying to lean my business away from having to use hard money lenders , How do you find JV partners , for 50/50 deals ?

Kent Williams

Why would you want to use JV partners at 50/50? Hard money lenders charge a significant interest, but they’re not demanding 50/50 splits of your profits.

Even paying a high interest for the rehab beats splitting your profits 50/50 with a JV partner.

I don’t understand what is your motivation to use partners over HML’s…

There’s all sorts of way to find j/v partners.

The issue is having something to offer, not necessarily finding the j/v partner. If you have a deal, it’s easy to find the money (partner, lender, etc.).

Notwithstanding, you just ask people. “Do you know anyone interested in splitting $100,000 in profits on my deal?” Now, that $100,000 in profits might represent a half dozen deals you need to do, but there’s no reason to explain ‘that’ detail up front. You just want to create interest and questions.

If you really want to scare up some interest, why not suggest splitting a half-million in profits?

Anyway… there is a ‘famous’ rehabber in Hesperia, CA that found money partners (lenders actually) by advertising in the paper for ‘cash partners,’ with a headline stating “Appraiser needs money to buy steal deals.” He was an appraiser for a bank …once… and used that history to create credibility in his offer.

Barney Zick used to raise money for deals, by showing people with money, deals that ‘got away,’ because he didn’t have the money available. It’s was the ‘lost deal’ method of money-finding.

When I was looking for money, I put together a very ugly one-page summary of the deal I needed money for. I had all the money I needed in less than three days. The source came from a friend in my church, who was an investor, that I asked if he knew anyone interested in investing in apartments. He did, and that’s how I got in contact with the investor/partner.

Frankly, if I could have done it all over again, I would have borrowed the money, rather than solicited partners, but you do what you know to do at the time.

Hope that helps.

I have used both lenders and JV partners. You give up more with partners, but you skip the red tape. Its a call you have to make, or do a blend of each. As for locating a financial partner (JV partner). What worked for me was making the people in my circle with money aware that I was seeking a partner. People such as: doctors, attorneys, settlement agents, insurance agents, other investors.

What I found was that if they had money, they wanted to be a “real estate investor” but they didn’t want to get their hands dirty (deal with: realtors, contractors, etc.). So, we formed partnerships and split profits. I found that the hardest part was KEEPING the partner. They seemed to get greedy and try doing deals on their own. And when they failed, they either lost their money, or got a bad taste in their mouth for investing and they were gone.

So, you can search within your current circle of contacts and hang out where people with money hang out to enlarge the circle.

@ freshinv

I can help point you in the right direction.Due to the forum rules i can’t provide you details of the JV Funding program here so send me PM and i will send over complete details to you.


Hi Austin

I am also interested. Could you PM me?

I dont do many fix and flips, so a JV would be a better option for me personally. Im curious to see what you end up finding out.