How to find investors

What is a good way to find investors. I sell investment properties all over the Country and every time I talk to an investor they are really excited they found my company and website. We use Craig’s List to list the properties, but that seems to be a huge time drain. We have 300 properties so takes a while to put all of those up any ideas???

Why not advertise on Craigslist for buyers. If you have a squeeze page just market on CL with a link to your squeeze page.

Marketing is the key to find buyers for your properties.

Also if there is one near you go to your local REIA club and start getting to know the members there. Some of them would probably be interested in your properties.

Thanks I thought about trying to go to one of the local clubs unfortunately the majority of our homes are out of state and not sure how the reception would be about out of state properties. What is a squeeze page?

If I am not mistaken (someone correct me if I am), a squeeze page is where someone lands on your website, and generally the sign up box is in a pop-up format…but basically it’s forcing people that visit your site to sign up for emails, then you can email your properties to those that sign up.

You could have a website and when you land on it, have a pop up box that says, get a list of over 200+ properties nationwide of available investment properties with 60% or better ARV. But to get the list, have to submit their email address…

I was wondering if some investors could share how they find their properties are there certain websites or is it just out driving and finding them. Do you use a Realtor to find them?

Thanks for any replies :biggrin

I do a combination of networking, driving around and general internet searches based on area.

btw - I checked out your website from your signature and thought it was a great resource for investment properties - adding to favorites! :bouncemulti

For craigslist, also try a “services” ad. You need to get verified (simple process) but you can rotate ads daily. Come up with 5-7 different headlines/body copy to vary it daily.
Outside of that use blogs (wordpress and blogger are free) and use youtube to post video tours of some of your properties. You can also create an account name to match your website and include your active link in the description of the videos. Blogs and Video tend to get spidered by search engines far quicker than anything else.

you will have a tough road getting on front page of some keywords nationally though - consider - do you have certain areas you get more properties in? easier to get front page results in local area - perhaps on your domain install wordpress software and create a page for local geographic areas and build up your search ranking from the outside in (long-tail keywords (outside) to core keyword (inside)).

Locally you can build buyers by finding absentee owners with multiple properties - I get my lists from title companies.

Wow thanks for all the info. I am going to look into the services ad on Craigslist. I am going to have to look into and research the other stuff you are talking about a little over my head, but think I can figure it out.


When posting services on Craigs List what would you say draw more attention nationwide properties, investor financing available, Reo’s, foreclosure. Or would you focus on a local areas. For example we have 70 properties in Detroit and surrounding areas.

Craiglist is always a better tool for advertising your services with no cost. You can search some local sites too. I think many investors already investing in your area and are to ready to do more.

It is very wise to post specific ads for each area of focus. For example, think about what major cities in CA that your investors like to buy in. Although you only have a couple properties in CA right now, what are the hottest areas to focus on?

Then create separate campaigns for each city. It is crucial to lead buyers to a landing page where they can enter their name, email, number, etc. to build your buyers list. We have generated thousands of leads this way.

It seems like you have a lot of creative ideas going for your campaign advertisements. May I suggest that you test different things to find what works. Every area is different. Additionally, be sure to use CList for your seller campaigns as well to generate leads as your buyer’s list grows. Continue to tweak each ad so you stand out over your competition.

Wow using services off of Craig’s list has been really good. I have had several people asking for our website with all of the property listings and I have been getting good feedback from them about our site.

Quote from one person that looked at it:

“Wow, Ryan, I’m gobsmacked. Your website is brilliant. It is completely clear and very easy to use.”

Anyone know how to post more than three times? I posted in three different cities and I posted different wording, but then it said you have reached your limit for posting…

After reading your blogs. I was really curious as to who you used to create your website? If you are willing to pass that info. I know i need to have a website but not sure who to goto or how to start. I do know i need to have a squeeze page but thats about it.