How to find investors?


First time post here. If this has been asked before, please accept my appologies.

I’m a real estate agent in Pittsburgh and am thinking of finding-fixing-and flipping houses.

Being a real estate agent, I have access to many sources for finding properties (specifically the MLS) and I can do all of the agent type marketing necessary to sell it. I also have a person who can do the repairs needed to homes I purchase.

However, right now I’m in no financial position to buying the houses myself, so I’m wondering how difficult it is to finding investors? I’m sure after my first few deals, I’d be able to fly on my own, but I need someone elses money to get me jump started.

Any suggestions?


P.S. My credit isn’t all that great which is why I wouldn’t want to go the typical mortgage route.

Try calling on the I BUY Houses ads in your local papers - they are usually a good source/have access to $$ sources.
Also, join a local real estate investment club. :smiley: