Hi everyone. I was wondering what advice do you give a beginning birddog about finding an investor? I really don’t know where to begin looking, but I would like to start birddogging ASAP. I have been reading a book on Investing and I’m the type of person who does not like to waste time with those who waste mine. Any advice??

Anyone with a 700+ credit score is an investor ask anyone “have you ever thought about buying houses?” You will be amazed at what you find!!!

Join a local real estate investment club. You will meet plenty of investors who have the cash and the credit to buy. That is the best way to fund yourself in the beginning, with almost no risk. It is also an excellent way to meet others also in the real estate investment arena…this way you are able to build a network of people from different areas within real estate, so that when it is time to build your own team…you have plenty of people to approach. The knowledge you can gain from networking with like minded individuals is amazing. Join a real estate club, and hurry…there is no time to waste, the sooner the better!