how to find growing industries?

can any one help me on how to find where in nation-wide, (specialy california), cities that are starting to grow??

like what happened to Arizona, that they started developing it few years ago…

i appreciate all responses, and any idea


i understand atlanta is hot, as well as detroit ;D, anywhere in texas.

New Orleans
the city will rebuild and houses are cheap
i would wait a couple of months to see how things pan out.
but the market will rise

Detroit? I hope that’s a joke. The auto industry is dying and it’s the only game in town. Look at places with strong job growth. People with those new jobs need places to live.

If you just Google “fastest growing cities” yoi will find plenty of what you’re looking for. Of course, this sort of data is not always up-to-the-minute, but trends like these don’t just shut off over night, either.

im doing business in middle tennessee and this area is growing rapidly. i come across a couple good listings a week