How to find financial backers


We are currently looking at several deals which are 40-60% under market value and continue to aggressively search for more properties. Has anyone gone through this process and know how to find people who want to make good returns on their money? If you know, please feel free to tell how you do it or where to go. Thanks

Well it is easier than you think

You have to make a plan on how much you are going to pay them

I have two financial partners that finance my personal deals and what I did was ask them if they were interested in partnering in a few deals with me I paid them 10 points at first ( this is more than most hard money people charge because I wanted them to get excited about what I was doing and I would pay them back when I sold the property usually in 1-6 months) After I did this several times I now pay them 5% and we have an ongoing relationship with them and I do deals with them weekly

You have to do a show and tell and in now time you will have a captive audience and more and more people will want to play.