How to find experienced Bird Dogs in WA FL TX OR

I am having trouble locating experienced bird dogs to cover multiple locations.

Seeking: 5-100 apartment units, SFR-4plex, Vacation Rentals, Mobile Home Parks.

Where should I be advertising/looking to find EXPERIENCED people?

Markets we deal with:

Bird dogs are an elusive animal, they only come out in public at night to get munchies, weed and dog food.
They are only motivated by instant gratification. Their natural habitat is their parents basement or garage. Don’t let their lack of direction & ambition discourage you. They are talented and can skillfully handle a PS4 and Xbox controller like it was what they were born to do. They can be very intelligent despite them having an extremely limited vocabulary and short attention span.
They will promise you that they will be the best finder you have ever seen, they will tell you how their uncle and Mom and a sister are or were realtors and its in their blood. Then you will never hear from them again.
Recruiting bird dogs has its rewards, it teaches us how to deal with hominoids and the disappointments that entails.
If you want to experience serious frustration pain and agony, recruit bird dogs.

Post an Ad on Craigslist.

try some facebook groups.

lol to Rando’s post. Definitely an illusive animal!!

I ask myself the same question a lot too of how to find good ones. I’ve considered reaching out to local Colleges and setting up some type of commissions-based internship in exchange for real estate mentorship and business experience. Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard others who’ve had some success!