How to find deals?

I’ve been trying to find motivated sellers over the past week. How do you find your deals??

Tyler - not to discourage you, but it generally takes longer than a week.

Use the search option as this is a common discussion.

In the meantime here’s a quick list:

Finding Motivated Sellers:

  1. Attending Your Local REIA to network with and see what other active investors are doing
  2. Putting Up Bandit Signs
  3. Sending Direct Mail - to out of state home owners
  4. Calling FRBOs (For Rent by Owner) ads/signs
  5. Calling FSBOs (For Sale by Owner)
  6. Contacting Bird-dogs
  7. Advertising on the web or in the newspapers
  8. Plastering Your “I Buy Houses” Business Cards EVERYWHERE
  9. Telling at least 10 new people every single day that you’re looking to buy houses…postal workers, exterminators, gas/electric residential meter readers, grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, everyone…
  10. Having a Realtor check the MLS for expired listings or keywords - DOM, vacant, estate, preforeclosure, must sell, fixer-upper, closing help, moving, relocated, divorce, etc…


Another easy one… check craigslist in your area.

I beleive they shut down the classified section several months ago because it was being abused.

All of those are great ideas to find deals, but I would like to add be sure to have buyers ready BEFORE you find deals because if you don’t and people start sending you deals and you are unable to follow through because of a lack of buyers you wont be getting deals for long, you will become a “All talk, no action investor”

Best of luck


How does a new investor line up BUYERS before getting deals?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Debra in OH