How to find comps on mobile homes?

Hi all,

I believe I can accurately estimate the value of a SFH in or around Austin, TX. Now, what resources are available if I want to know the market value of mobile homes in this area?

I am looking to do some Lonnie deals but just want to be sure I am not paying too much.



If you do a lonnie deal you wont pay to much.


I would recommend NADA for mobile home values pretty much the Bible for dealers, I believe they call them manufactured housing today. They started as trailers then mobile homes and now manufactured housing units.

John $Cash$ Locke

The best thing to do is start riding the speed bumps and talking to sellers. See what they are asking for their homes. This is afterall your competition when you go to sell. You must figure your purchase price based on several things, primarily your fixup costs and desired profit. NADA is a great starting place, as most people have been trained to look there. The dealers “wholesale to move” price is usually a number that we are happy with, though not all the time. When we like the number, we print out that report and show it to sellers, it’s easier to see what you see in print, right? In any case, go look at 100 units. You will figure out what things are worth, meet some interesting people and might just buy something!