How to find cash buyers

:banghead anyone know any free websites for locating cash buyers for new investors finding a lot of properties but need Cash buyers also I am very trainable for getting additional properties for the right Cash buyers.

You can find buyers from free classified online sites under the real estate category. You will get buyers from their ads. Craigslist is a good option for classified advertisement website.

If you need immediate cash buyers …
Go to foreclosure auctions. Once auction is over, walk up to them, tell them you are an investor coming across all kind of properties, ask them what they are looking for and get their business card.
Also researching cash sales in the last 6 months through the MLS and contacting those buyers or their agents (if you cannot locate the buyers on your own.)
Just a couple of suggestions … I have a ton more :slight_smile:

Do me a favor. Please send all the other buyers to me.
Thanks you very kindly.

Have you tried to use the Craigslist. This is the absolute easiest way to get buyers. OMG you are missing out. Place you a couple of FREE ads on the Craigslist of homes and see what happens.

Put a ad in the paper saying you have a house for sale on a discount. Interview the callers to see who are just buyers and who are investors. This is one way to find tons of cash buyers thats 100% effective.

Agreed, as I had already mentioned about this in this forum, that making a plan of your needs and publishing it online may create some variations and can helps in making your proposal looks every where.